Pictures vs Actual Product

Hi there!

All of our products at All Things Bath are lovingly handcrafted with care. That is to say, every product we make is unique.

But because they’re all manufactured by hand, it’s nearly impossible to match the product we’re currently making to the original product pictured. Please expect some slight- to moderately-visible differences in the colours, paints, embeds, texture and the like.

However, rest assured that there will never be variations in the quality of the products!

 In fact, crafting them all by hand gives us great control over product quality, and we would never compromise quality for cosmetics or quantity. The fragrances, ingredients and ingredient qualities are not altered.

Change the glaze or change the paint, but donuts are still donuts and unicorns are still unicorns.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific concerns or requests regarding aesthetics! Say you’re trying to match a theme or you want to customize the colours as a gift. We’re always happy to accommodate whenever and wherever we can!

Much thanks for being so understanding and thank you for choosing All Things Bath!