Dusty, musky rooms? Vaguely unpleasant odours in your sacred space? Stifled, stale air cramping your style? Most people would crack open a window or whip out the commercial, chemical air fresheners. Not you, though.
You deserve something gentle, soothing, and—most importantly—natural.
That’s where our hand-crafted All Things Bath Soy Candles come in; to bring nature’s pure, unfiltered, utterly healing fragrances into your home with just the strike of a match. We’ve created 20 unique, lovingly selected scent bouquets to add to your candle collection. Combinations of two or more aromas were carefully considered for compatibility and calming benefits.
Trust us; we’ve spared no expense to ensure our candles fill your space with nothing but pleasant, therapeutic, and highly-aromatic vibes. Top-quality soy wax and some of the best Australian-sourced fragrance oils in the market, all condensed and moulded into simple yet elegant candles in a myriad of gorgeous fragrances.

Grab a candle (or two) and get an instant pick-me-up – a soothing scent balm for when the world is just a little too chaotic.