Body Butters

Butter-up buttercup, and treat yourself to luxury :-) 

Nourishing, sensual, and smelling oh-so yummy, our collection of Body Butters are guaranteed to keep your skin feeling fresh, supple, and fragrant – all day, every day! We’ve lovingly loaded all custom blends with natural, all-organic materials. No harsh chemicals, no harmful toxins, no rough, aggressive fillers. Just the silky-smooth combination of Organic Shea butter, cocoa butter, skin-safe colorant, and tons of sweet, essential oils, all whipped to perfection. 

Who says body butters are just for dry skin? You can enjoy the All Things Bath Body Butters even with skin as smooth and hydrated as a baby’s tush. In fact, consistent application will feed that natural moisture and keep it intact! 

We’ve a selection of five unique fragrances for you to choose from. Fall in love with the feminine, floral charm of Pink Kiss, up the class and charisma with Cashmere, feel fresh and fragrant all day and all night long with Baby Powder… or complete the whole set! This is an indulgence you deserve.

How to Use: Scoop a generous amount and spread evenly all over the body. Concentrate on problem areas (dry patches, uneven texture, etc.) if any. Let the product absorb fully before continuing with regular skin/body routine.