Fragrance Dictionary

Our Candles and Soy Melts

1. Sparkling Wine & Strawberries

Is there any scent combination classier and more feminine than sparkling wine and fresh, juicy strawberries? If there is, we’ve yet to find it. But we did find the secret to amplifying the sensual, addictive, and oh-so-delightful fragrance of Sparkling wine & Strawberries. Add a dash of raspberry for that ripe, tangy-tart flavour, and then soften the fruity edges of this scent bouquet with the rich, creamy, unmistakable aroma of vanilla.

Light this candle for when you’re craving a much-needed boost of feminine energy—or when you simply want to feel soft, smooth, and delicately subtle.

2. Vanilla Caramel

The distinct scent of thick, buttery caramel paired with the sweet, subtle fragrance of rich vanilla. Our Vanilla Caramel candle is the olfactory equivalent of thick knit blankets, cosy socks, and hot choco with marshmallows: warm, sweet, and comforting.

Tonka bean—the secret ingredient behind many scented products—is known to evoke feelings of tranquillity and deep calmness. In aromatherapy, it’s used to bring about spiritual and emotional healing. Vanilla, on the other hand, is a universal stress reliever. Weave in subtler notes of butter, caramel, and coconut for relaxation, and you’ve got yourself a fragrant bouquet that can soothe even the most frazzled of nerves.

3. Sex on the Beach

Bright, breezy, and reminiscent of cool, carefree vacations—Sex on the Beach packs the bracing scents of pineapple and coconut with the fruity, invigorating notes of peach, banana, and cranberry. Like a fun, tropical drink perfectly gift-wrapped in some cheery, light-hearted music, this candle combines aromas known for stress relief, mental stimulation, and physical refreshment. Absolutely perfect for kick-starting a productive work week or setting the mood for a non-stop, fun-filled weekend with the friends or fam.

4. Bulgarian Rose

Get into a deep, cleansing, meditative space with Bulgarian Rose: a floral-scented masterpiece that blends the delicate misty fragrance of cyclamen and musk with a soft, energizing spritz of zesty lemon. The result? A soft, indulgent scent bouquet that is as indulgent as it is revitalising. Clear your mind of all worries, and cleanse your soul of all stress, with the soothing balm of roses and rose stem.

Burn this in the morning to meet all the day’s challenges with a calm, filtered mind. In the evening, light this candle for a full night of restful, unbothered sleep.

5. Moscato Sangria

Whenever we craft products with wine scents, we always make sure to do so carefully. Alcoholic beverages always run the risk of being overpowering, too distinct, or overt and in-your-face. While those fragrance notes may be forgivable during fancy parties, they definitely aren’t characteristics we want associated with our candles!

For Moscato Sangria, we toned down the musk of the Moscato and added some pineapple to pair with the bright, bubbly, and fruity fragrance of sangria. From there, it was simply a matter of choosing light, abstract scents that would give the most benefits, aromatherapy-wise. We decided that the soothing smell of cherry blossom sprinkled with the cleansing scent of cyclamen would work best paired with a crisp, healing scent – like that of violets and fresh apples.

6. Coconut Lime Punch

Is your space lacking character? Is the monotony of your schedule and the sameness of your home/room/apartment is starting to get to you? Are you feeling an overwhelming sense of boredom and ennui?

We have the perfect solution: Coconut Lime Punch – an olfactory smack in the face of citrus, sweetness, and tropical flavour, all blended together to create a scent bouquet guaranteed to spice up your day. Citrus scents like lime and mandarin are known as mood and energy boosters. One whiff, and you’ll feel like you just knocked back a shot of iced coffee. We added the secondary scent notes of buttermilk, malt, and vanilla to give this fragrant blend a stable, soothing base of rich, earthy, and creamy goodness.

The juxtaposition of fun and fruity (with just a hint of tropical) against an elusive backdrop of smooth and intense makes this candle a true winner!

7. Black Raspberry & Vanilla

What happens when you combine the candy-sweet fragrance of black raspberry with the rich, euphoric smell of vanilla? You get a scent bouquet that is as revitalising and mood-boosting as it is therapeutic and relaxing. It’s a contradiction, sure, but it works. Our Black Raspberry & Vanilla-scented candle is proof of that.

The naturally saccharine aromas of raspberries and blackberries are tempered by the delicately floral fragrances of rose and jasmine. This distinct combination is then juxtaposed against a deep, creamy backdrop of vanilla and musk.

If you need something versatile enough to put you at ease or put you in the mood, this candle can deliver.

8. Lavender Dreams

Lavender and bergamot have long been known as the scents to burn when you need a full night’s worth of soothing, soporific sleep. Lavender gives off a naturally nebulous aura of relaxation, and hundreds of studies have been made regarding bergamot’s abilities to lower stress.

Hence the name Lavender Dreams—a fragrant bouquet specifically made to guide you towards uninterrupted slumber. Lovingly made with good vibes, pure intentions, and lots of calming, pacifying aromas – like rosemary and amber—this candle is a must-have for everyone who needs a little restorative rest. Whether you’re a night owl or an early, early bird, goodness knows eight hours is always a welcome respite.

9. Sweet Pea and Jasmine

This candle is an absolute must-have in the bedroom. Let the mind-balancing aroma of ylang-ylang paired with the tranquil, peaceful scents of bergamot and rosewood wash over you, cleansing you of any emotional or mental stresses leftover from a particularly trying day (or week). The crisp, clean fragrance of sweet pea coupled with the refreshing aroma of jasmine will leave you feeling light, weightless, and wispy in the best possible way.

Give yourself an emotional break and create a safe, untethered haven for you to relax and just be. Incorporate this candle into your nightly routine for a deeper, more rejuvenating night’s sleep or treat yourself to Sweet Pea and Jasmine once a week to de-stress and decompress.

10. Sandalwood

The naturally uplifting scent of sandalwood, made stronger with a nebulous sprinkling of jasmine, vanilla, and sparkling berries. Our Sandalwood candle is the olfactory equivalent of a soothing balm, a reassuring word, or a deep full body massage. It can ease whatever negativity is weighing on your inner state, helping you feel grounded and more balanced.

Lovingly crafted with the intent to calm and soothe, we hope that weaving the rich musk of sandalwood with the refreshing, revitalising tones of jasmine and berries can help still any mental or emotional turmoil you may be experiencing.

11. Juicy Watermelon

When you think watermelon, you think fresh, crisp, and revitalising. We captured that aura and lovingly handcrafted a candle to bring about the same invigorating feeling. Juicy Watermelon is a fun, flavourful blend of tantalising fruity fragrances balanced out with modest musky undertones. Let it be summer all year ‘round with this bright, zesty candle—perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up or a mid-week shot of energy a la aromatherapy.

12. Fig and Cassis

If you gravitate towards earthy, musky, woodsy scents—like petrichor, fresh sage, or morning dew— then our Fig and Cassis candle might be right up your alley. We combined the mildly elusive scents of cedar and rosewood with the tangible, primary fragrances of fir needles and ripe fig. This amalgamation creates a uniquely distinct aroma that’s equal parts musky, spicy, and slightly syrupy.

Lighting this candle is like taking a long, quiet walk through still woods. Step back and breathe, dear. Take a moment for yourself; to reflect, to relax, to recalibrate.

13. Lotus Flower

The epitome of zen. The olfactory equivalent of a temple in the mountains. Untouched fey ruins in an undiscovered clearing. Still waters running clean, clear, and unfettered by debris. How these scenes look is how we want you to feel when lighting our Lotus Flower candle. The spiritually soothing scent of white lotus and jasmine. The cleansing, revitalising aroma of orange and mandarin. The smooth, subtle tones of patchouli and vanilla.

You won’t find an amalgamation that’s more meditative or spiritually enlightening. Can’t go on a month-long mountain retreat? This candle is arguably the next best thing.

14. Lemongrass & Persian Lime

Whenever you’re feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually wounded, light up a little Lemongrass & Persian Lime and bask in the natural healing properties of lime, lemon, lemongrass, and rosewood. We wanted to create a candle that could help you with potential pain, discomfort, or distress. So we combined potent therapeutic fragrances with subtle restorative and medicinal scents.

In aromatherapy, lime is known for its antiseptic properties. Its zest and citrus scents are known to promote deeper, cleaner breathing. Lemongrass, on the other hand, is recognized as an olfactory stress reliever and antidepressant. It does wonders for soothing the body and soul. Finally, the smell of rosewood is known to lessen physical pain and stimulate faster healing. 

15. Fresh Coffee

Wake up energized and ready to hit the ground running with Fresh Coffee! Not necessarily the drinkable kind, but you can certainly brew yourself a large mug while you burn this candle in the background. Let the creamy, velvety-smooth scents of expensive buttercream and whole almonds waft around you, complemented with the modest, delicate smells of malt, vanilla bean, and sugar cane. And then comes the scent of coffee bean – like a friendly pep talk or a playful nudge awake, this bold, earthen fragrance will sharpen your focus and clear your mind without landing you in a drowsy, meditative state.

Just like the drink after which it was named, you might soon declare this candle an essential in your morning routine.

16. Pink Kiss

Like a soft, soothing cloud of fragrant, feminine energy mitigated with the deep, invigorating musk of earthy tones—like sandalwood and vetiver—Pink Kiss can captivate in the best possible way. The smooth, sleep-inducing scent of bergamot blends perfectly with the nebulously enticing fragrance of violet and orchid. Woven amongst the delicately revitalising tones of mandarin, this bouquet is abstract and indulgent.

Light this candle up when you need a creativity or productivity boost. The invigorating aroma is sure to get your thoughts and emotions working double-time.

17. Frangipani

For all that it’s an unusual name (and ingredient) among fragrances and perfumes, frangipani is every bit as soft, creamy, delicate, and addictive as any other floral scent out there – especially when paired with the right scents. In the case of our Frangipani candle, we selected transparently dainty scents like jasmine and peach nectar to act as a nebulous partner to the more earthy, natural scents of precious wood and balsam. This unusually soothing combination is great for when you feel the need to mix it up a little. Inject a splash of character and colour in your week without shaking the boat too much.

Meditate to it, burn it in the background, or use it to concentrate—this candle is versatile enough to fulfil any of your aromatherapy needs.

18. Pink Apple and Vanilla

Naturally sweet, syrupy, and saccharine – with a good amount of fresh, crisp flavour to balance it all out. That’s what our Pink Apple and Vanilla candle is, at its core: balance. Compatibility. Bright, playful, childish energy tempered with a modest, mature aura that speaks of dependability and independence.

Malt and sugar cane scents incite a euphoric feeling of unfiltered freedom. They are, however, balanced out with the richer, more grounded notes of vanilla bean, apple, and pomegranate. The resulting amalgamation is one that promotes a feeling of being safe and grounded without feeling restricted or smothered. 

19. Amour

Need to set a very specific mood? Grab yourself one of our most distinctive candles yet. Amour is a masterful amalgamation of spicy, sweet, and seductive – barely tempered with soft woodsy and natural fragrances like rose, sandalwood, and vanilla. Rather than let the primary citrus scent flow unfiltered—thereby running the risk of being too sharp, too crisp, too bold – we made sure to include warm, musky, and grounding fragrances as a backdrop.

Light this baby up whenever you need to air the negativity and languor out of your space. You’ll soon find—just like we did—that plump notes of amber and mimosa work well with the sharp, refreshing fragrance of mandarin.

20. Gardenia

Ready for some scent escapism? We decided to combine floral and fruity into one lovingly handcrafted candle to create the ultimate olfactory equivalent of a warm, welcoming Spring Meadow.

Light this candle, close your eyes, and immediately get whisked away to soft earth, warm sun, and sparkling flowers. Our Gardenia candle features the juicy, syrupy-sweet scent of peach nectar complemented with the beautifully transparent fragrance of cyclamen and the modestly fragrant, feminine aroma of jasmines in full bloom. Softer secondary tones of vanilla, fresh hay, and lily of the valley add depth and richness to the otherwise overwhelming bouquet, adding a milder, gentler filter to the picturesque fantasy scene.

Our Bath Bombs 

1. Champagne & Strawberries

The perfect bath bomb for when you’re craving a much-needed boost of feminine energy—or when you simply want to feel soft, smooth, and delectable. Our Champagne & Strawberries bath bomb mixes the candy-sweet fragrance of strawberries with the sensuous scent of vanilla and champagne. Let the tart, tantalising tones wash over you as you drop this bomb in warm water and let it fizzle through. Bright, bubbly, and oh-so-addictive, there isn’t an aromatic combination quite as classy.

Finish off this fun, flavourful bath by slathering one of our best-selling body custards (Unicorn Poop is a customer favourite!) or light up our Champagne & Strawberries-scented candle to really set the mood!

2. Sex on the Beach

Breezy, bubbly, and oddly nostalgic – this Sex on the Beach bath bomb is for when you want to reminisce of carefree summer vacations and casual island getaways. Packed with the brisk, bracing scents of pineapple, coconut, and banana, you’re sure to finish up your bath time feeling light and energized. We’ve even added the fragrant, fizzy notes of cranberry and peaches for some mental stimulation and stress relief.

Need to clear your thoughts – or collect them? This bath bomb is all you need.

3. Coconut Lime Punch

Breathe new life – and some colourful character – into your living space with this Coconut Lime Punch bath bomb. Fun, fizzy, and oh-so-flavourful, this scent profile is strong enough to dispel any lingering traces of boredom and ennui. The olfactory equivalent of a gentle – yet satisfying – smack, this citrus-scented bomb is equal parts sweet and spicy. Totally distinct with just a hint of fruity, tropical flavour, we doubt you’ll find any fragrance quite like this!

4. Sweet Bubblegum

Imagine hues of baby blues, pinks, and fizzy, foamy whites all coalescing into one swirling, dreamscape-like pattern in your bathtub. That’s what you’ll get when you drop a Sweet Bubblegum bath bomb (or two) in the bath with you: a totally adorable amalgamation of the gentlest colours, guaranteed to bring your guards down and put you at ease. What’s more, this sky-in-the-water masterpiece smells oh-so-reminiscent of carefree childhood days packed with pink bubbles and sugary treats.

Take our word for it; Sweet Bubblegum is a burst of childish joy and nostalgia in one fun, fizzy package.

5. Peony and Blush

Find your happy place in peony-scented bath waters shining with blush-hued colours of purple, lavender, fuchsia, and seafoam green. A stunning blend of skin-soothing compounds and fragrant, all-natural ingredients guaranteed to leave you tingling and tickled pink, the Peony and Blush bath bomb is a must-have for any bath-time pampering session! 

Whether you’re trying to unwind after a long, tiring day or you’ve finally carved out some ultra-essential “me time” in your calendar, this soothing bomb can calm frazzled nerves and set aggravated minds at ease. Drop it in warm water for a long, relaxing soak.

6. Black Raspberry & Vanilla

The candy-sweet fragrance of black raspberry seamlessly blended with the rich, alluring scent of vanilla makes for a pretty attractive bouquet that’s hard to ignore. And that’s exactly what makes this Black Raspberry & Vanilla bath bomb a real winner. It’s striking, tantalising, and just elusive enough to keep you coming back for more.

The versatility of its fragrance profile can either put you at ease or put you in the mood. So bring this bath bomb with you whenever it strikes your fancy; the distinct amalgamation of flavours – plus the overall therapeutic quality of the bath bomb – won’t disappoint!

7. Hawaiian Ruby Guava

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating and highly hydrating bath with this Hawaiian Ruby Guava bath bomb – a subtle blend of nourishing oils, soothing fragrances, and carefree tropical vibes. Lovingly crafted with the intent to turn night-long soaks cool, comfortable, and detoxifying, this bath bomb is exactly what you need after a draining work week.

Fun, flavourful, and packed with all-natural ingredients that lock in moisture and slough away dead skin cells, Hawaiian Ruby Guava is sure to leave you refreshed and tickled pink with soft, supple, sweet-smelling skin.

8. Bulgarian Rose

A revitalising bath bomb that rejuvenates and rehydrates tired skin, Bulgarian Rose is a real winner. Soft, fragrant, and easy on the skin and senses, there is nothing rough, abrasive, or intimidating about this particular blend. Not its scent, not its fizz, and definitely not the way it reacts with your skin. Drop this is in warm bath water and let the cyclamen- and rose-flavoured mist envelop you.

The warm, tingly sensation is complemented by the cool, crisp undertones of citrus and musk, resulting in an indulgent aura of warm, rose-scented contentment. Absolutely perfect for decompressing after a draining work week or for self-pampering during a long, quiet weekend.

9. Lavender Dreams

Delicate tones of rosemary, amber, and cedar wood act as the pale purple-coloured backdrop for this comforting, de-stressing scent bouquet. For a good, long night of deep, restful sleep, the scents of lavender and bergamot are known to be particularly effective. Calming, comforting, and emotionally reassuring, Lavender Dreams is just as much a soothing balm as it is a bath bomb. It’s the best go-to for when you have trouble sleeping or if you just want to enjoy some quiet, lavender-scented “me time.”

Lovingly crafted with good vibes and pure intentions, we’re confident this bath bomb’s fragrance profile will help you find the restorative rest you’re looking for.

10. Lemongrass & Persian Lime

This bath bomb’s naturally therapeutic and medicinal scents are all part and parcel of what makes it such a best-seller. Lime, lemon, lemongrass, and rosewood are all known to promote holistic healing through both naturopathic and aromatic instances. By blending all four ingredients with a bit of lemon peel and jasmine, we hoped to create a scent profile that could ease any emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical discomfort.

When you’re down, distressed, depressed, or listless, we hope our Lemongrass & Persian Lime bath bomb can help invigorate your spirit and send some fizzy good vibes your way!

11. Fantasy

This euphoric, fragrant, handcrafted bath bomb provides the perfect escapist atmosphere for some high-quality “me” time. Lose yourself for an hour (or more) in your bathtub as you soak in the pretty, pastel-hued waters of Fantasy – an aptly-named bath bomb full of skinsafe glitters, alluring aromas, and a blend of colours so mesmerising, it’s almost otherworldly.

The overall visual is so stunning, you’d almost feel bad letting it dissolve.

Almost. You’ll sing a different tune once you sink into the warm, fuzzy waters full of soothing fragrances and hydrating bath foam.

12. Cashmere

How does one even describe Cashmere? Lush isn’t apt enough. Luxurious can’t even begin to cover it. Rich, classy, superfluous, dripping head to toe in extravagance … very, very few items in this line of bath products can compare to the utter elegance of this opulently-flavoured bath bomb. It might sound like we’re exaggerating (and we could be!), but you’ll understand where we’re coming from after one warm bath with this fizzy little treat.

Just like the fabric it shares its name with, this bomb is as warm and comforting as it is soft and oh-so lavish. It smells exceptional, too.

13. Monkey Farts

A glitter-bomb package of happy colours and happier scents, our Monkey Farts bath bombs are meant to incite giggly, carefree feelings and strong, positive vibes. And if the name alone doesn’t coax a smile out of you, maybe the fizzy foam and brisk, energising fragrance will. Bright, bubbly, and hard-to-miss, this is the bath bomb to have for those days when everything feels a little too tense, a little too stretched, a little too dull or lacklustre.

Drop a shot of vitality back into your life and be reborn with this happy, high-energy bath buddy.

14. Fifty Shades

Fragrant, aromatic, and utterly rejuvenating, this bath bomb is basically fifty shades of “yes, please!” It’s soothing, therapeutic, and it’ll leave your skin feeling as supple and hydrated as a baby’s bottom. It’ll smell just as good, too; milky, tender, and delicately sweet. Our Fifty Shades bath bombs are lovingly handcrafted with skin-safe materials and all-natural ingredients that have deep cleansing properties and potent moisturising abilities.

Drop this baby in some warm water, light a soothing, scented candle (might we recommend our Champagne & Strawberries or Lavender Dreams?), and soak your worries away.

15. Almond Milk Caramel

If you want a bath that’s smooth, sweet, silky, and supple, then these Almond Milk Caramel bath bombs are right up your alley. Carefully formulated and handcrafted with only the gentlest of materials, this bomb is so light, soft, and airy, even the fizz it gives off feels like a luxurious full cream milk bath. It smells good enough to eat, too – syrupy and saccharine, with just the lightest notes of warm, nutty almond to balance it out.

Don’t eat this bath bomb (please!), but do drop it in some warm water for a nice, long, relaxing soak.

16. Pretty Lady Chanel

Kick back, relax, and let the rich, luxurious scent of Pretty Lady Chanel bath bombs melt all your worries away. Creamy, buttery, and vividly aromatic, this blend of organic, skin-nourishing ingredients with calming, mood-boosting fragrances works wonders for the tired and weary soul.

We advocate self-care (and a little self-indulgent pampering) as much as the next person, and this gentle, euphoric bomb is a guilt-free luxury you can definitely afford. Embrace it wholeheartedly, dear! If anyone deserves an hour-long soak in lush bath waters, it’s you.

17. Juicy Watermelon

As refreshingly cool as a glass of chilled wine after work (or some zesty pre-game shots, that works too), these Juicy Watermelon bath bombs are the perfect partner for when you need some major de-stressing. A long soak after an even longer week is already pretty relaxing. Pair that feeling with the soothing sensation of light, airy foam tickling your skin as a fragrant bouquet of juicy summer sweetness envelops you.

Sounds pretty tempting, huh.

That’s what’s in store for you if you decide to take one of these bombs in the bath with you during your next weekend pampering sesh.

18. Bedtime Baby

The delicate colour combination of pale blue and soft lavender makes this bath bomb look so utterly delectable. Its soothing, sleep-inducing fragrance is a huge bonus. Trust us when we say that you won’t have any trouble sleeping after an hour-long soak in warm, Bedtime Baby-flavoured waters. Even the tingling sensation this bomb gives off feels less like a ticklish, invigorating fizz and more like a relaxing, deep-tissue massage.

And if you really want eight to ten solid hours of uninterrupted quality slumber, pair this bomb with some Lavender Body Soak bath salts.

19. Pink Sugar

How often do you get to soak in a tubful of sugar-scented serenity? Not very often, probably, but don’t worry; our Pink Sugar bath bombs are here to change that. Guaranteed to colour your water – and your skin – a fresh, blush pink, these bombs are the ultimate must-have accessories for when you’re feeling fun, feminine, and flirtatious. They’re the perfect party starter for a carefree weekend out with the girls.

Just drop one in your tub and bask in the fruity fizz! It’ll leave you feeling bright and bold in the best possible way!

20. Unicorn Poop

A ball of giggles, glitter, and R&R galore. There’s no other way to describe our Unicorn Poop bath bombs. Monkey Farts was made for casual, carefree chuckles. Unicorn Poop was made to bring magic to your tub. Nourishing, hydrating, revitalising, repairing – these benefits are just the icing on the cake. The selling point to these bath bombs? The sensation. Fun, flavourful, and fragrant. There’s just something about this particular blend of scents and ingredients that keep people coming back for more.

We’ve said it so often; Unicorn Poop is one of our best-sellers. Wish we could aptly word the reason behind it but, like many of our handcrafted products, you’ll just need to experience it for yourself.

21. Worth a Million

Whether you know your worth or you’re still finding it, Worth a Million body lotion is enough to tell it like it is. You deserve elegance, luxury, and basic TLC. What’s more indulgent than a sweet, smooth, soothing, and highly-moisturising soap bar that blends rich, creamy fragrances with organic and natural butter and oils? Good for your skin, great for your nose. Treat yourself, dear, because
yes – you are totally worth it.